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We Are The Pro Dealers in SSD And Grade A Bank Notes,

We want to thank all our customers that have been with us for the past 8 years. Our ultimate goal is to help the common man with enough cash to run his daily activities. It is unfair what our capitalist governments do with their cash flow limitation policies. People deserve more than they get and the poor end up suffering. Have you ever seen a mother begging the streets just to get a $20 bill to buy some bread for her kids? We don’t want this to ever happen, that’s why we spent our time developing our money printing techniques and now we are proud to say we have the Best quality undetectable counterfeit money.

And we give it out at the cheapest rates that barely cover production costs just to help those in need. So you have an urgent need for cash, know you are in the right place. Don’t hesitate to place your order and have your problem solved. If you also want to learn how to produce quality bills like us and reach out to others in your community, don’t hesitate to get our SSD Chemical solution. Our main focus is the production of counterfeit banknotes to be used in Stores, Supermarket, Banks, ATMs, Casinos, or video shoots etc. You can now Buy counterfeit US Dollar, GBP, AUD etc Banknotes online.

DEDOHNANKAP LABORATORY is a leader and reliable in the field of research and manufacturers of high-security chemicals, with the best team of experts put in place and a great vision of making life easier on earth, we are always working hard and standing tall as solution providers of daily chemicals, surfactant, detergent raw materials, cosmetic raw materials, household cleaning raw materials, personal care raw materials and related chemical products basically since 1994. FIRST CLASS LABORATORY INTL also provides complete range of supply chain services and solutions for our customers in their business, also have the skills and experience to come in and help our customers set up their chemical businesses. DEDOHNANKAP LABORATORY also has a better solution and world changing chemicals. A brown liquid and chocking effect Solubility; Soluble in H20 of PH3 Formula; Hg(NH2)Cl Mercury xylocaine and services that can provide a better cleaning solution to all stacked currencies and money machines to our clients. Back To shop